Malaysian welding industry pioneer - established since 1999

Arcmatic Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian company that supplies welding machineries & equipment to a nationwide network. A visionary company that comprise of an experienced team – Arcmatic is here to offer consultation & guidance for your welding projects.

About Us

Since 1999

reliability & Innovative

Founded in 1999, Arcmatic boasts an experienced team that have extensive knowledge in the welding industry and helped many local companies achieve success in their welding operations.



Automated Welding provides large gains in productivity and profitability into your production line. Our Welding Automation comprises of :

  • Automated Tank Welder
  • CNC Plasma Profile Cutting Machine
  • Column & Boom (Manipulators)
  • Welding Positioners
  • Welding Rotators.


Reshape metal parts & objects with metal forming machine. Arcmatic source the best machineries that produces the excellent tensile forming process.

  • CNC Hydraulic Press Brake
  • CNC Shearing Machine
  • CNC Turret Punch/Notching Machine
  • Plate Rolling Machine
  • Universal Ironworker


Arcmatic provides Arc Validator solution which connects and validates welding equipment from other welding equipment manufacturers easily – without any separate adapters.


Arcmatic has two types of cutting machine to process various types of industrial materials. The Cutting Machine is suitable for Oxy Gas Cutting, Pipe Cutting & Sheetmetal Cutting Application.

  • Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Gas Cutting Machine

Beveling & Facing machine

Beveling & Facing Machine that specialises in Pipe Cutting, Pipe Facing & CNC Flange Facing. Arcmatic’s Catalogue includes :

  • Standard Split Frame Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine
  • PFM Pipe Facing Machine
  • Orbital Pipe Cutting Machine
  • ID Mounted CNC Flange Facing Machine
  • OD MOUNTED CNC Flange Facing Machine


Arcmatic procures various types of reputable welding machine that caters to different kinds of energy sources to be used for welding:

  • MIG Welding
  • MMA Welding
  • SAW Welding
  • TIG Welding

Welding Equipments
for Rental

Talk to Our Team to enquire more on our Welding Rotator for Rental and other Welding Equipments that is also available for rental.


welding sales & services

Welding Project Consultation

Arcmatic provides welding consultation and advice your fabrication project. Our Engineering team gives guidance for the right welding processes, paired with ideal welding consumable which would increase project productivity and save costs.

Custom Machine Design & Manufacture

We provide custom design solutions based upon your request or our proposal for your fabrication needs. Manufacturing of the custom designed machine will be done with up to date equipment in China.

Fabrication Equipment & Material Sourcing

We carry many reputable brands for welding equipment, welding consumable and various fabrication equipment from all over the world such as Kemppi, Kiswel and many others.


Arcmatic Sdn Bhd have seasoned and professional trained technicians to provide service and maintenance to the newly bought machines.

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