Arcmatic Welding

Welding Automation Technology Solution Provider

Arcmatic Sdn Bhd is well-known in the Welding Industry in Malaysia, boasting a welding distribution network that extends from the Peninsular to East Malaysia. Founded in 1999, Arcmatic boasts an experienced team that has extensive knowledge in the welding industry and has helped many local companies achieve success in their welding operations.

By only sourcing renowned & reliable welding brands from all around the world, Arcmatic delivers superior grade welding solutions that includes automation, cutting system, welding consumables, welding machinery & equipments.

Deploying the right welding process processes paired with ideal welding consumables could speed up project productivity which in turn save operation costs. Arcmatic could help you achieve ideal results by providing consultation & advices for your Welding Fabrication Project.

For any custom welding fabrication project, Arcmatic provides custom welding solutions that fits your welding requirements with our custom machinery design & manufacture.

Arcmatic’s team values professional work diligence, and our after-sales service includes machinery service & maintenance. Our experienced engineering team are trained in servicing welding machinery/equipments & troubleshooting errors.

Lastly, we would like to introduce the principal of Arcmatic that led the team through peaks and troughs – CK Chan. Managing Director CK Chan remains committed to Arcmatic’s managing board, whilst leading the team with his vision to further improve welding processes, innovation for welding products and better welding practices to be used in the industry.

Our Vision

Through the years, Arcmatic remains dedicated to reach new heights through innovation in the welding industry. We incorporate innovation into sourcing improved welding automation, machinery & equipments, keeping up to date with the latest welding procedures & welding technologies.

The team at Arcmatic shares the same vision to serve clients with diligence and collectively participate in innovating better practices to improve the overall welding industry in Malaysia.

As it approaches Vision 2020, Arcmatic still strive to further improve & expand its services & operations – helping the nation build a better Malaysia for tomorrow.