Cougartron InoxMuscle Weld Cleaner Machine Set

The InoxMuscle is incredibly lightweight and compact weld cleaning machine with the ability to clean and electro-polish stainless steel welds and surfaces. This machine is ideal for everyday stainless steel TIG jobs.

InoxMuscle offers flexibility and mobility as well as compact solution to your weld cleaning needs. At only 3.7kg, this machine has the highest power to weight ration on the market. Its performance is stunning for its size.

The machine has 2 operating modes for effective:

  • Weld cleaning
  • Surface polishing

The latest CougarSYNC technology gives you the ability to connect to Cougartron servers to analyze and update your machine.



Weight 18.73 lbs
Dimensions / Size 4.1” wide x 12.2” high x 5.5” deep
Power Input / Output 110V (230V) / 14V, 30 Amps
Application: capabilities of the machine Weld cleaning, Passivation, Electropolishing
Weld cleaning method Electrochemical
Metal type Stainless steel
Weld type TIG – Light and dark
Recommended type of brush to use Powerbrush
Maximum amount of brushes used at the same time One (1)
Material Splash-proof , durable plastic case sealed box
Portable Yes
Warranty 2 Years after registration