Master MLS 3500

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Master MLS 3500 offers the best choice in Stick (MMA) welding refinement. This welder combines a choice of efficient 3-phase welding machines, equipped with versatile functions for both Stick (MMA) and DC TIG welding.

The sturdy, compact structure and the isolated cooling system (ICS™) of the Master MLS 3500 makes it very suitable for use on work sites and extreme industrial conditions. In addition to generous welding power, it offers plenty of progressive features in order to improve the weld quality and work efficiency. The design makes it highly suitable for outdoor use and extreme conditions. Due to its small size, it allows access to confined welding sites as well. Master MLS 3500 unit can also be used with generators.

Model Master MLS 3500
Connection voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz 400V -15…+20 %
Fuse (delayed) 16 A
Output (TIG) 40% ED 400 A/26.0 V
Output (MMA) 40% ED 350 A/34.0 V
Output (MMA) 60% ED 285 A/31.4 V
Output (MMA) 100% ED 220 A/28.8 V
Open circuit voltage 80 V
Stick electrode sizes 1.5…6.0 mm
Welding range (MMA) 10 A/20.5 V…350 A/34.0 V
Welding range (TIG) 5 A/10.0 V…400 A/26.0 V
Operating temperature range -20…+40 °C
External dimensions LxWxH 500 × 180 × 390 mm
Weight (no accessories) 21kg
Degree of protection IP23S