Master S 400

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Master S 400 is designed for high-performance Stick (MMA) welding. Compact, robust and portable with optimum electrical energy efficiency, Master S 400 offers the perfect partner for heavy-duty welding work where the ease of use, reliability and durability are paramount. Master S 400 comes with integrated voltage reduction (VRD), that will increase safety at work for specified environments. This unit is ideal for construction site use and is easy to move, making site management simple.

Model Master S 400
Connection voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz 380 – 440 V ±10%
Fuse (delayed) 25 A
Open circuit voltage in VRD mode < 35 V
Output (TIG) 60% ED 400 A/26.0 V
Output (TIG) 100% ED 310 A/22.4 V
Output (MMA) 60% ED 400 A/36.0 V
Output (MMA) 100% ED 310 A/32.4 V
Open circuit voltage 55 – 65 V
Stick electrode sizes 1.6…6.0 mm
Operating temperature range -20…+50 °C
External dimensions LxWxH 570 × 270 × 340 mm
Weight (no accessories) 20.5 kg
Degree of protection IP23S