Minarc 220

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Minarc 220 is a 3-phase, 220 A DC MMA welding power source, offering a truly portable specification for welding technicians on the move. This little powerhouse comes with everything you need to start welding. Minarc 220’s ignition performance is excellent with all Stick (MMA) electrode types and the TIG welding TouchArc function provides reliable DC TIG welding capability when combined with the TTC 220 GV TIG torch. You can also use a remote control for Stick (MMA) and TIG with either the R10 or RTC10 control unit.

The superior arc performance of the Minarc 220 has made it well-known among the welding people. The arc stability and controllability are based on a large voltage reserve and the automatic arc dynamics control. Also, the good tolerance of input voltage fluctuations gives further reliability to Minarc’s good arc performance, even in demanding field conditions and when using extra-long cables up to 50 m.


Model Minarc 220
Connection voltage 3~ 50/60 Hz 400 V (-20…+15%)
Fuse (delayed) 10 A
Output (TIG) 35% ED 220 A/18.8 V
Output (TIG) 60% ED 180 A/17.2 V
Output (TIG) 100% ED 160 A/16.4 V
Output (MMA) 35% ED 220 A/28.8 V
Output (MMA) 60% ED 170 A/26.8 V
Output (MMA) 100% ED 150 A/26.0 V
Open circuit voltage 85 V
Stick electrode sizes 1.5…5.0 mm
Welding range (MMA) 10 A/20.4 V – 220 A/28.8 V
Welding range (TIG) 10 A/10.4 V – 220 A/18.8 V
Operating temperature range -20 … +40 °C
External dimensions LxWxH 400 × 180 × 340 mm
Weight (no accessories) 9.2 kg (10.2 kg with connector cable)
Degree of protection IP23S