Osg-120 Orbital Pipe Cutting Machine

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OSG Orbital Pipe Cutting Machine is a new pipe cutting machine optimized by our company combining domestic and foreign similar products. This machine adopts Bosch motor drive,super power, durable, Its compact design saves space, is lightweight and portable. Ergonomic handle motor. Drive the cutting head to rotate more safely and conveniently. After cutting, The end face is absolutely vertical without burrs, Be welded directly, using special bevel blade may also be completed beveling, Guaranteed welding quality.

1、Cold cutting ,don’t influence the pipe’s material
2、Vertical incision without deformation, burr-free end surface
3、Simultaneous installation of cutting and beveling saw blades
4、Fast, cutting or bevel processing takes only a few seconds
5、High safety, the pipe is stationary, the saw blade planet rotates to complete cutting
6、Bosch motor drive, super power, more powerful
7、Small size, light weight, suitable for workshop operations and field construction
8、Saw blade compatible with AXXAIR, +GF+, DCS and other brand pipe cutting machine

1、Pipe cut off
2、Pipe beveling
3、Cutting and beveling


Model Working Range Wall Thickness rotating
OD mm CS mm SS mm rpm
OSG-120 Ф10~120 ≤12 ≤7 80~120