Standard Split Frame Pipe Cutting & Beveling Machine

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Standard split frame pipe cutting and beveling machine, designed to cut, bevel, single point, counterbore and face on the pipe, tube and flanges. It is a portable pipe cutting and beveling machine tools of clamshell style. smartly designed, ability to split in half at the frame, easy to install on the pipe line. It is comprehensive used in pipework of oil, gas, food, petroleum, chemical, boiler, medicine machine, nuclear power, and power supply construction. 16 models are available in 6 inch (152.4mm) increments, with additional sizes available by special order.

Features and Advantages
1、16 models, Working range for pipe OD 1”-48”
2、Non-standard model can be customized
3、Out-mounted style, clamping by multipoint jaws.
4、Split frame technology, easy to install on the pipeline.
5、Cold cutting and beveling, don’t influence the pipe’s material.
6、Auto feed, cutting and beveling at the one time, cost effective.
7、Varity of beveling shape: “U”,“V”,”Y“,J”, double “V”, compound bevels.
8、Stationary ring is steel; rotation ring is aluminum, and steel optional
9、Electric. pneumatic, numerical controller and hydraulic drive options are available.
10、Several different drive options are available to best position the motor for a specific machining application.
11、It can be equipped a wide range of accessories to increase performance and expand capabilities.

1、Pipe cut off
2、Pipe end beveling
3、Pipe facing
4、Cutting and beveling
5、Compound beveling
7、Flange facing


Model Pipe Capacity OD Wall Thickness Rotating
Electric Pneumatic NC Hydraulic mm inch mm rpm
ISD-90 ISF-90 SKD-90 HYD-90 Ф20-90  3/8″-3″ 30 34
ISD-168 ISF-168 SKD-168 HYD-168 Ф25-168 1″-6″ 30 50 24
ISD-219 ISF-219 SKD-219 HYD-219 Ф50-219 2″-8″ 30 50 23
ISD-273 ISF-273 SKD-273 HYD-273 Ф114-273 4″-10″ 30 75 23
ISD-323 ISF-323 SKD-323 HYD-323 Ф168-323 6″-12″ 30 75 23
ISD-355 ISF-355 SKD-355 HYD-355   Ф177-355 8″-14″ 30 110 23
ISD-406 ISF-406 SKD-406 HYD-406  Ф254-406 10″-16″ 30 110 22
ISD-457 ISF-457 SKD-457 HYD-457  Ф323-457 12″-18″ 30 110 20
ISD-508 ISF-508 SKD-508 HYD-508 Ф355-508 14″-20″ 30 110 20
ISD-559 ISF-559 SKD-559 HYD-559 Ф406-559 16″-22″ 30 110 14
ISD-610 ISF-610 SKD-610 HYD-610 Ф457-610 18″-24″ 30 110 14
ISD-762 ISF-762 SKD-762 HYD-762 Ф610-762 24″-30″ 30 110 13
ISD-914 ISF-914 SKD-914 HYD-914 Ф762-914 30″-36″ 30 110 11
ISD-1066 ISF-1066 SKD-1066 HYD-1066 Ф914-1066 36″-42″ 30 110 10
ISD-1160 ISF-1160 SKD-1160 HYD-1160 Ф980-1160 38″-44″ 30 110 9
ISD-1240 ISF-1240 SKD-1240 HYD-1240 Ф1040-1240 40″-48″ 30 110 9