Welding Rotator

Arcmatic manufactures special design welding rotator with special rubber tires made in U.S.A for heavy duty industries used with dual drive motor.

Bolt holes are pre-formed to adjust the center to space roller group, in accordance with the diameter variations of workpiece. Stepless speed regulation of imported frequency converter is adopted, with a wide range of speed regulation, high precision and large start-up moment.

We also design the customize various types of the turning-rolls in accordance with the customer’s requirement.

A conventional welding rotator consists of two (2) parts:
– single or dual motorized drive (power) unit
– an idler supporting unit

The power unit is driven by a heavy duty geared AC or DC motor which is designed according to internationally proven specifications to ensure constant speed with outer balance load of 15%.

The heavy duty tyres are designed to 65° durable hardness with high-stress rubber cushion mounts to absorb shock loads and prevent gear box damage.

The DC electronic function or inverter comes with a remote control panel with interlocking reversing systems operating at temperatures in excess of 60° C.

Technical Specification​

MODEL Max Load Weight (ton) Vessel Diameter – Min & Max Dia (mm) Roller Linear Speed (m/h) Type Of Setting
AMT-2T 2 150 2000 6-60
AMT-5T 5 250 2800 6-60
AMT-10T 10 300 3200 6-60
AMT-20T 20 500 4500 6-60
AMT-40T 40 500 5000 6-60
AMT-60T 60 500 5000 6-60
AMT-80T 80 800 6000 6-60
AMT-100T 100 800 6000 6-60

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